update on shayel’s hip saga

We are waiting for insurance pre-approval for an MRI on Shayel's hip. When we get that done we'll also get her bloodwork done. I'm still actually undecided about the MRI, it depends on if they want to anesthetize her. She doesn't have much pain except when she's been sitting or does certain flexing movements. So something's still going on but the naproxen seems to help.

4 thoughts on “update on shayel’s hip saga

  1. I’ve had several MRI’s on my head. At 7 and a half! (and given her disposition) they should not need to anesthetize her. They may want her to take some Valium (or something like it for kids) to keep her calm as it gets very noisy in there; which could be scary. But I don’t think it would be to her because she’s so level-headed. Plus she can talk to the technician the whole time she’s in the tube. Of course, when you’re having an MRI on your head, they discourage this because talking moves your head 😉 But having it on her hip should be easier.

  2. that’s good to know. The doc wasn’t sure because she said hip MRI’s take longer than other parts. She said they’ll at least want to sedate her (which would be fine)

  3. I think they have open MRI’s now where it’s not a tube. It’s more like a half circle. My dad had one like that because he was too freaked about getting inside a tube.

  4. A had an MRI at …. 1+ years of age. NOT fun for a baby (or US). But at this age? Other than it being a hassle, I wouldn’t hesitate at all to have it done. I’ve been wondering where you’re at with all this. Thinking of you all!

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