Deadly Viper Character Assassins : more gender bullshit


Because we all know we need another “macho Jesus” resource for “leaders” (aka MEN) *sigh* it’s never gonna end is it? And seriously, man cave online? “manswers”? Am I the only one who is a bit weirded out by all this? Oh, and using Asian stereotypes is a whole other discussion (apparently no one learned from the Rickshaw Rally debacle)

4 thoughts on “Deadly Viper Character Assassins : more gender bullshit

  1. androgynous? you mean because of the female looking hair? I know, it’s bizarre. Because it’s pretty clear that the man cave is not welcoming of female leaders.

  2. THIS is very disturbing to me, Makeesha! i guess some things NEVER change. So sad indeed that these patriarchial boobs don’t see that they are WAY BEHIND THE TIMES!

  3. @ExistentialPunk … can I laugh at the oxymoron “patriarchal boobs”? That’s hilarious … I had to read it twice and then wondered if patriarchal boobs were different from the ones matriarchs have? Hmmmm …. One of the great things about homeschooling is that you learn quite a bit yourself. And as I’ve been teaching my kids logic/critical thinking I’m realizing how much of that is lacking in the evangelical church. Very few people know how to think, or how to write or how to put a good logical argument together. This art/science is deteriorating in the era of Limbaugh/Beck where people think they can just say something and will it into being and/or not give resources for the outlandish statements they make. Like this stunning bit of logic I read on a patriarchal website earlier today … (my editorial notes are in parentheses)A) All egalitarians deny the headship of men in the home. (yep … this is true).B) It is heresy to deny the headship of God the Father in the Trinity. (yes, this could also be true … but what does this have to do with A?)C) Therefore all egalitarians are heretics. (Wait? What? Denying the headship of men in the home somehow equals denying the headship of God the Father in the Trinity? Who says?) Thus we are back to ExistentialPunk … patriarchal boobs!

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