timely thought from Wendell Berry via David Hayward

it is unfortunate for gays and the rest of us that the government has been invited to make a judgment on people’s private sexual behavior. It isn’t the government’s business, so long as the behavior is not abusive to others. The government should support “domestic partnerships” which gives the same legal protections to bachelor brothers or widowed sisters or friends or partners living together as if married. Justice for all is the government’s business (Berry, The Way of Ignorance, p. 145)

3 thoughts on “timely thought from Wendell Berry via David Hayward

  1. I’m not sure David – I actually am not all that familiar, I just liked this portion of what he said.I think lots of folks have mixed feelings about all of this, me included. I want everyone on the spectrum of sexuality and gender identity to be seen as equal under the law – personally, I’d prefer that happen by the government only being involved in partnerships/unions in so far as the law would require for such matters as medical decisions, insurance, inheritance, etc. But since we already DO have the gov’t involved in labeling and sanctioning marriage, then maybe that’s where we need to start. I really don’t know.

  2. I think its strange that the American church has invited the government in to take sides on what should be a strictly internal debate.

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