MYTH BUSTED: Internet Use Doesn’t Lead to Isolation

For the most part, the study conducted on 2,512 adults simply confirms what most of us know already: people use all this new technology to get in touch with their family and friends; for example, people call each person in their circle of closes friends on 195 days in a year, but they also see each of them face to face 210 days in a year. Same goes for Facebook (Facebook) and MySpace (MySpace), as 71% of users have listed at least one member of their core network of friends as a friend on one of these services.

Here’s the fun part: internet users are far more likely (45%) to visit a café or a coffee shop than people who don’t use the internet. And not only that; the myth that frequent internet users hang out mostly at home is also busted, as people have started using it many public spaces, such as libraries, bars, coffee shops, restaurants and the like.

The full report is a very interesting read; you can find it here.

…what we knew all along.

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