2 thoughts on “first photos inside Fort Hood gunman Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan’s home, taken by Courtney Perry @CoPerryPhoto for the Dallas Morning News

  1. Well, I agree that what was done in the name of Islam by Mr. Hasan was definitely wrong. And I’m glad you point that out.However, I don’t find comfort in heaping on more violent thoughts: hoping he rots in hell, hoping his family struggles from now on when thinking of this one horrible act by Mr. Hasan. Surely, Mr. Hasan represents more than just evil, as we all do. I hate the evil in me, but I realize it doesn’t define me (or anyone). It is rather a sickness we all live with, no matter what religion or culture we are in. It’s the human condition. I think the antidote is love, justice and peace-making, forgiveness, and respecting people we deem "other," among other things, which are all signs of the coming restoration of all things (speaking out of my faith in Jesus). I guess I’m saying that I don’t want to harbor hate or violence in the face of such evil. Rather, I want the energies of love and peace to be called forth. Take care,

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