Jesus Needs New PR by Matthew Paul Turner: thou shalt not write the words…

A week or so ago, famed fiction author Ted Dekker stirred up controversy when he used his Facebook fan page’s status to poke a little fun at the “rules” one Christian publisher demands its writers follow. The publisher? Steeple Hill’s “Love Inspired” imprint.

What was Ted’s status update?! Read below:

Tell me what you would say to a fiction publisher that prohibits the following offensive terms in any novel: Priest, Passion, Hunk, For Pete’s Sake, Undergarment, Tempting, Father, Doody, Fiend, Angel (unless used in a Biblical context.) Just for starters. Should we say, A) You’ve got to be kidding. B) Amen. C) These bounderies offend me and are anti Christian in spirit. D) Something else, penned by you.

Click to read the list of banned words.

So funny and yet so very sad.

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