the journey


I’m trying to do more digital art and am going to set some realistic goals for myself to get back into digital ATCs (artist trading cards). To that end, I’ve been discovering some fun sources for digital ephemera. I found this one just now.

5 thoughts on “the journey

  1. I mostly did altered books but did a few ATC’s as well. I’ll be posting the stuff I do now, I’ll let you know if I scan in my old ATC’s

  2. I feel like I’m over-thinking this … are you, like, playing around in photoshop (or the like) and posting it when you’re done? These are really beautiful, btw. Is it that simple? Just being a digital artist? Which is to say … not very simple at all, but the tools are.

  3. oh I'm not a digital artist. Just playing around for the sake of being creative. When Shayel was little I did collage type stuff with altered books, artist trading cards, etc. I'm just basically doing the same thing now but in photoshop.

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