the kindness of strangers

A little history: We live in an apartment about 2 blocks from the CSU campus. Most of the people here are college students. You can imagine the kinds of frustrations this living situation produces (although, the worst stuff that's happened has been from people older than us and not students).

About a week ago, we were getting the girls ready for bed and I hear a hard knock at the door. Because of the history we have in this place, my stomach always jumps into my throat when someone rings the bell or knocks. The most vivid memories that have led to this neurosis involve police. Anyway, I opened the door and a young college-age guy was standing there and asked "is that your car?" pointing to our parking spot. It was. "your inside lights are on".  I couldn't even see them from where were standing but sure enough, they were. I wanted to hug him. If he hadn't taken the time to knock on our door, we would have had a dead battery in sub zero temperatures with a kid to get to school and a husband to get to work. 

That one small act of kindness put a huge smile on my face and gave me a little more hope and joy that night.

It doesn't take much ladies and gents.

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