Prayers for Broken People – Sacred Ground – RIP my friend Gideon @gideony

Prayers for Broken People

This was written by my friend Gideon Addington, who took his life last Friday:

I am broken among the broken…

Lord, deliver me from my despair.  Give me strength that I might continue to fight.  I am tired, I am lonely, and I feel I am alone among the mad.  I know I am not alone but my heart breaks.  Help me, save me.. I try so hard, yet I know I should try harder and that there is much I could do but do not…  Have mercy on me, help me be a better instrument, a better servant and a better healer for those that come before me.  Save me from pride, from arrogance, and help me remember that I am broken among the broken.  Give me wisdom to discern what I can and cannot do, and what I must walk to and away from.  Lord, save me.  Amen. -Gideon Addington, Nov. 7, 2009

For those who are despairing, I pray you would feel the presence of God near you.  I pray that you would find friends that helped you to find hope.  May you know that all of us are broken.  Only God and God working through us can bind up the pieces.

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