knitting news: projects, patterns and a new discovery


This blog isn’t current but I just discovered it. I love discovering guys who not only knit but design patterns and this guy’s got a lot of great stuff. I love this reversible hat in particular. I’m not generally given to buy patterns since there is no dearth of free ones out there but I’d buy this guy’s stuff…and mostly likely will. Especially since my dear husband accidentally felted the scarf I made him a couple years ago (no, you cannot wash and dry an alpaca scarf *sob*)…giving me an excuse to knit him up a new hat/scarf set.

I’m planning to use this pattern for the scarf

and one of Stephen’s hat patterns. possibly this one since it would also match the color and style of the scarf.

In other knitting news, this is another scarf I’m currently working on –

this is a really cool stitch creating a very interesting pseudo cable lace effect that isn’t girly and with the ribbing gives it a nice loft for warmth. It’s also reversible which is almost required for me with scarves – who wants to fiddle with making sure the “right side” of a scarf is facing out? I’m using a soy blend that has a nice sheen which really accentuates the stitch nicely.

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