what happens to the mysterious medical savings reimbursement money

This was an IM account my huband and I just created after discovering that our medical savings plan JUST NOW mailed our reimbursement check from December.

it's mailed from fricken south africa.
via camel to india via llama
to iran where the llama rider will be arrested for spying.
and then they'll have to resend via another route via antarica.
through south america

they strap it to a penguin in Antarctica
who then gets eaten by a leopard seal
who shits out the check which is then picked up by a national geographic photographer
who mails it to national geographic headquarters
where it's quarantined for 2 weeks
before being sent off to the CDC for further testing
at which time it's intercepted by the CIA
who has to find the llama rider
and question him at Guantanamo bay
where he dies after being tortured
the check then gets buried in Cuba along with the spy's other possessions so that the CIA has plausible deniability
and when they're brought in for questioning before a senate panel they respond
to questioning as to the whereabouts of the reimbursement
by saying
"we have no recollection of such an item"
at which time I whip out my own special brand of torture
and am summarily convicted of tyranny and sent to Cuba
I proceed to mail it home and discover

I'm pretty sure we're not far off. And for the record, David admitted that I won. 😉

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