this is why men get caught…

John Edwards sex tapes reportedly discovered.

Part of the appeal of having an affair must be people knowing….or the threat of being found out. Because sex tapes, undeleted text messages, emails, IM conversations etc. are the downfall of so many men. It doesn't seem to be the same for women who have affairs, which is why I'm singling out men.

be faithful. But if you aren't, do your partner a favor and make sure you don't get found out. Just sayin'.

8 thoughts on “this is why men get caught…

  1. My mentor counseled men who struggled through issues like this. He told me on several occasions that men would tell him they woul often leave stuff out on the table or somewhere their wives could find it just to see if they would notice or care.

  2. I’m with Jonathan on this one. If Tiger Woods, with all of his millions, didn’t even go to the effort of getting a second cell phone for his harem to get a hold of him on then he really must have wanted to be caught.So why is it that men want to get caught so badly . . ?

  3. I’ve heard what psychologists say about it – esp. with men of power. but often, I think it’s just the thrill of it. It’s not as much fun if you know you can get away with it.

  4. A friend of mine suggested it differently. Sometimes we seek to get caught to see who really cares. It’s twisted but true.

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