Suggestions for speakers at a “missional” conference

Since I don't like people whining about something and not offering any suggestions, here is my list (incomplete) for non white and/or females who I think embody missional and would make spectacular speakers at MissionShift.

Alise Barrymore
David Ramos
Eliacin Rosario-Cruz
Melvin Bray
Anthony Smith
Kathy Escobar

4 thoughts on “Suggestions for speakers at a “missional” conference

  1. Great list, Mak. I’m excited that four of the six people on your list will be speaking at the TransFORM gathering in D.C. in April!

  2. Christine SinePam HogeweideRose Madrid SwetmanLisa SamsonWould also be good additions to any list …I think there are two main problems with events like this. The first is that they are still consumption based. That is, the base-line assumption is that there are gurus who will impart knowledge from a stage and “grasshoppers” who will drink it up from the chairs in the audience (consume it), but do not, ultimately, do anything with the information other than get fat on it. Really, are the gurus doing anything with it? These male leaders … are they doing anything? Are they practitioners? Or theoreticians?The second issue grows from the first … all of the white male gurus don’t know any women or people of color well enough to ask. Or they discount whatever knowledge such women/p-o-c might have (sub-consciously). You can’t invite people that you don’t know.In my current mode of thinking though … the first problem is harder to overcome. If these men were practitioners my guess is that the second problem would not exist.

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