4 thoughts on “LIFE Coach Yost: INTJ – MBTI Profile, Resources and Humor

  1. I wanted to quibble with some of these. And I realized I was playing my exact right role in wanting to do so. I’m INTJ too. The “cold” one made me laugh. Back during my M.Div, we were required to take 2 high level psychology tests–the MMPI and the 16pf. The last one was gone over in a large group setting, with the professor talking about the “ideal” pastor type. I was just about opposite on every single one. There was one that was labeled cold/warmth. Each category had a scale rather than a either/or, but with that one I was a 1 on the scale. As cold as could be. I was going through a bad church dysfunctional situation at the time, so my people interaction skills were at a low ebb. Even still… I did make up for it, in my mind at least, with a 10 on the conventional/imaginative scale. Which made me, at the time, immensely imaginative with new ideas and approaches, but completely unable to get others to warm to the ideas. I’ve been working at that ever since… in my apparent quest to master everything. 😀

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