Shayel had her first fall off her horse today.

She was working on single handed posting and fell. Scared the shit out of me but I worked very hard to be as tough as her. She remembered to stand up and move out of the way while her teacher got control of the horse (who spooked, thus the fall). She cried a bit but got right back up on the horse and did some more trotting to finish up her lesson. She was so tough the whole time and then completely lost it in the car. Poor thing. She hurt the thigh she landed on but otherwise just has some wounded pride more than anything.

Otherwise she had an awesome lesson. She's been working on the exercise ball this past week and I think it made a huge difference. Her leg strength seemed better and her control of the horse was much more keen. Shayel has been riding since she was 4 (she's 7 now) and I'm continuously amazed at how well she does considering she can only ride a couple times a month.

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