apparently the financial world in the US hasn’t learned a thing…

I won’t make you suffer through our vehicle saga in this family – it goes WAAAYYY back and makes me want to live like my brother-in-law and mother-in-law…without a vehicle.

Long story short, we currently find ourselves with a ’95 Pathfinder we own but has a frame that is rusting out and that we’ve already put in about $1000 extra into since Oct. We found someone who will work on the frame for cheap but it made us think that it’s probably time to bite the bullet and find a used car that will be our primary vehicle and hopefully be reliable. Also, if we have a second car, I can look for a job.

Before I go into my bitch and moan about financing, let me point out something important to know – David, our primary wage earner, doesn’t really have credit. This was an oversight on our part. When I was the primary wage earner most everything was under my name so now, he finds himself with “virgin credit” – not good. And I can’t get credit because I don’t have enough verifiable income. Frankly, we don’t give a rat’s ass about credit and would rather do without it completely (we’re not interested in owning a home) but sometimes, it’s unavoidable. 

Another important point of note is that we live well within our means, simply but comfortably but our income is definitely on the low end of lower middle class. Also keep in mind that my first car was purchased by my dad from a government auction, the next car was our piece of shit hyundai that was purchased for us by a car buying agent of sorts in Los Angeles, we didn’t have to do anything, and our pathfinder was bought in cash from an acquaintance.  I have never even been on a used car lot, much less bought a car from one.

So on Saturday we march into Tynan’s, a local used car dealership with our budget in mind. We tell the scumbag…errr….lovely salesman, what our budget is. (actually, he really was a smug ass – until we sealed the deal of course) So he pulls out a nice, newer Kia. “odd”, we think. “I’m pretty sure this it out of our budget.” So David points this out and he assures us that “my manager is working with your budget”.  mmm–hmmmm…. Turns out he isn’t working within our budget (asking over $100 more per month than we want to spend) and the bank basically wants us to get a higher loan for a longer term. Well of course they do, they make more money that way. But HAVE THEY LEARNED NOTHING FROM THIS ECONOMIC CRISIS?!!!!!! It doesn’t matter how much you make off someone in finance charges if they have to declare bankruptcy because you’ve overextended them by allowing them to live beyond their means. Fucking idiots.

*postscript: we did end up telling them where they could shove their HUGE loan and ended up getting a 2006 Nissan Sentra that is within our budget.

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