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Great post from Julie.

My thoughts: I never experienced lack of confidence until a couple years ago when I went through a horrible, demeaning, insulting and abusive “realease from ministry” – the abuse was typified by a refusal to even speak to me like an adult and instead going “through my husband” even though I was usually the one who was “in trouble” (mostly for doing things like asking questions). Ever since then I have struggled in a most profound way, ultimately to the point of seeking therapy and having to be on medication for anxiety and depression. I’m still not out of the woods.

7 thoughts on “Women, Humility, and Worth | onehandclapping

  1. You wrote this almost a year ago. I hope the last year has brought some healing and redemption. Either way…I’d really like to learn about your experiences with Emergent, good and bad, and why the foco cohort is no longer active. Thanks for all the great and challenging thoughts on your site.

  2. Hi Joshua. Yes, I’m doing great – and not in church – which has been very liberating. I love Emergent Village and the Emerging expressions of Christianity. The people are still dear friends and the movement will always hold a very special place in my heart. I’m just not feeling the need to intentionally gather with exclusively or mostly christians to talk about religious/churchy stuff. The cohort in Fort Collins actually existed before me, I took it over for awhile but it petered out before we stopped meeting for Revolution (the church we were leading at the time). It actually had more to do with me needing to release some of my commitments because I was very stressed out and less to do with my spiritual condition. I’ve been disconnected from the church community in Fort Collins for quite a while now but I would probably be safe in saying that there is still need for a cohort in this area…it’s just not going to be me who restarts it 🙂

  3. Well, I was thinking I’d restart it. Is there some guideline Emergent Village wants it to stick with or do I just get a group together? What could it look like? Any advice or guidance?

  4. I think you should start one 🙂 Where are you going to church right now? I’d be happy to meet with you and talk about stuff if you want.

  5. I've been making plans to start a group! My idea was to lead the group through Pete Rollins' first book, How (Not) to Speak of God and then to start experimenting with expressions of music, poetry and discussion, as well as possibly some of Pete's project ideas, ie Atheism for Lent, the Omega Project…but  just some thoughts. I've got a big house in Old Town with lots of room for hosting so I planned to just have it there. We call it the Mulberry Mansion. I've been going to Everyday Joe's. I like it there, but I think I need to stay a bit below the radar. I find it too easy to butt heads with leadership in the young adults stuff at big Timberline. There's just so much I cant see eye to eye on with them, but I don't want to cause division…  Yeah I'd love to get together and get some input about starting a group. I read a ton of emergent books over the last year. Loved them all. But haven't been a part of or started a group like this before. I also want it to be open to some of my non-theist friends…

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