scraping off my plate…so to speak


One of the more common weight loss tips is to use a small plate and/or not to eat everything on your plate. This obviously comes down to portion control – assuming that if you're overweight, you're probably not doing well understanding what makes a healthy portion size or you lack the self restraint necessary to limit your portions. Another common tip is to drink more water because very often, the feeling of thirst can be (strange but true) confused with the feeling of hunger – esp. for people who tend to overeat and don't do well reading hunger cues anyway.

I personally have found these tips to be useful in weight loss but I have also found them very accurate in life choices. I have been going through a pretty severe bout of depression for a long time…brought on by circumstances for sure, and possibly problems with my thyroid (waiting for the results on that one) but one of the main contributing factors (which is also an element in the circumstances I mentioned) is that I have too much on my plate and much of it is not satisfying or healthy.

So, to use the weight loss truisms – I need a smaller plate. i.e. I need to err on the side of underestimating my bandwidth and I need to make sure most of what I put on my plate will be good for me and enjoyable. I also need to drink more water. i.e. I need to incorporate activities that are purifying, cleansing and healthy for my whole self even if they don't seem to be "productive".

There are other weigh loss tips that would apply – things like, don't deprive yourself just make sure you don't overdo the treats and be choosy, eat as close to the earth as you can and reduce or eliminate the "fake foods", surround yourself with support, etc. But the top two are what I'm going to work on for now.

As a result, there will likely be quite a bit of "plate scraping" over the next month or so and I hope that the people affected by this understand and bear with me as I try to get myself back to a healthy place.

5 thoughts on “scraping off my plate…so to speak

  1. I’m putting this up on my corkboard. I have only been able to work on my fitness and weightloss as I have moved toward simplifying my life and reexaming my priorities. It is all about seeking balance – a slow life that recognizes I don’t have to do it all (and was never designed to). I really appreciate this post.

  2. I'm glad it spoke to you Kimberly. Discovering what stirs my soul has be damned near impossible for me… I still haven't figured it out. I encourage everyone to live slow and simple enough to allow your inner self to shine through so you don't ever get to this place…it's shitty. I'm hoping that as I clear away the clutter I'll discover it.

  3. Wow … very interesting and well said, Mak. Ross & I joined Weight Watchers in late December. I’ve noticed that as I’ve been more focused on only eating when I’m hungry, smaller portions, etc, I’ve been able to cut back in other areas. And I’ve been able to start the process of decluttering that we’ve needed for so many years. So I think it could also run backwards as well. When you work on the food, the ripples run toward those other areas of your life. In any case, I’m enjoying this new lightness very much … even if it comes very slowly.

  4. Depression sucks! I”ve been through it myself and much like you did the “scraping of the plate.” You will come through this and you will find yourself again.

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