The nun and Glenn Beck: a standoff | National Catholic Reporter

There is a nun in the country this week, a Sister of the Good Shepherd, from Syria. Now, that may not seem much like international news to you but it is. And not only to me.

Infact, Sr. Marie Claude Naddaf is here to receive the U.S. State Department’s “International Women of Courage Award.” Given to 10 women around the globe who have shown “exceptional courage and leadership in advocating for women’s rights and advancement,” the awards purpose is to support women who are working for the equality of women everywhere. And any woman who has ever spoken up for women’s equality in any arena that counts — in politics, in business, in law, in the home, in the church — know exactly how much courage that requires. Even now. Even here.

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Love Sr. Chittister

6 thoughts on “The nun and Glenn Beck: a standoff | National Catholic Reporter

  1. The type of social or economic justice Sister Marie refers to is not the type Glenn Beck is referring to. This is a very biased report since Chittister, the reporter, did not also speak to Glenn Beck. It is not fair and balanced in other words – it’s one sided and it’s twisting words. I’m certainly not a huge Glenn Beck fan, but I think Beck believes that religion should not be used to further a political agenda under the guise that it’s what God would want. Separation of church and state?

  2. yes, I've heard people suggest that's what Beck means. I have heard enough of Beck to be pretty confident that's not the case. It doesn't matter though, I like what Chittister says here :)It's ok if you disagree.

  3. I still don’t think it’s fair reporting on the part of the National Catholic Reporter – Beck was raised Catholic – so maybe there’s something else going on here, he’s a Mormon now. We may like what a particular reporter says, but that’s only because it’s inline with our particular viewpoint, if we really want the truth, then we can’t just listen to one side. Beck is obnoxious and just watching (as opposed to listening) to him can make you think he’s crazy. Someone should really ask Beck if his remarks are intended to shut down the good works that Sister Mary is doing in Syria. A quick browse of the mission statements of a few churches in Syria should tell us whether their economic and social justice goals are anything like the progressive/liberal goals on some American church sites. Generally speaking, I think what bothers me the most is that spiritually minded people feel the need to attack people who disagree with them. Why not just ask them how they feel and let the people decide what to think aobut it? Beck had absolutely nothing to do with this woman’s ministry in Syria – so why in the world did the reporter bring his name up? Just to take a dig, that’s why. Let Olberman and Beck duke it out, and let us and Sister Marie do what we think is right. Don’t ask, don’t tell, just do. Be the change. Peace & Joy to you.

  4. I completely disagree Sheila. What we say matters. And what people say in public has every right to be confronted in public. If Beck would talk face to face with Sr. Chittister then great but no one owed him that. He said disgusting and unChristlike things on TV..even his own church is speaking out publicly about what he said.

  5. Mr, Beck only has a problem with religion being used to further a political agenda, if that agenda isn’t neo-conservative. That is a simple fact.

  6. Which is probably true for most of us – we don't like our religion being used to further a political agenda that we don't share.So that's all fine. I don't have a problem with him feeling that way. What annoys me the most is his lack of intellectual integrity and demonstrating an ignorance of the use of the Bible (he's not ACTUALLY ignorant of it, he's hyperbolizing for the sake of agenda…which is fine, also fine for me to call him on it). There are lots of things xians and mormons celebrate and practice that aren't "in the Bible". What he said was propaganda and people like my parents – evangelical conservative nationalistic republicans – knew the code. Trust me. I came from that world, I used to be them. Beck doesn't need anyone to defend him. He knew what he was saying, as do all of us. I happen to like Chittister's response as well as Jim Wallis' response and people like Sheila can disagree with me 🙂 no need to try to over analyze Beck's words, we all know exactly what he was saying.

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