I don’t care what anyone says, the “youth of today” are generous, kind and purposeful

Over the past 4 days I have experienced 4 acts of kindness by young men under 21 … that's 4 more acts of kindness than I've experienced from anyone else.

Last Saturday I was texting David outside of a Starbucks while I was waiting for my hair appointment. I had my stuff on an outside table. When I was done I grabbed my bag and my jacket, then I heard a "miss, excuse me miss" I turned around and standing in front of me was a young man with scraggly long hair, jeans with a waist band so low I knew everything about his boxers that could be known and goth style piercings and tats peppered all over. "Miss, you dropped your sunglasses", he said with a shy grin holding out my sunglasses to me.

A couple days after that, I was at the market. Coming out Shayel spotted what looked like trash on the ground and commented that the earth probably wasn't very happy. She wanted to pick it up but I generally discourage my children from doing the earth a favor because…well…to be honest…it grosses me out. So we kept walking. Not long after when we were almost to our car I heard rapid footsteps behind me and when I turned, I saw a young man, probably about 19, holding out a stack of envelopes saying, "ma'am, is this your mail?". It was a stack of stamped mail, a piece of which I noticed was addressed to the dep't of revenue – it was a car registration payment. Someone had apparently intended to drop of their mail at the box outside the market but had dropped it. I said, "no, but I did notice it back there, I thought it was trash. it looks like someone meant to mail it, if you're not on your way in to the store I'll go drop it off at another box on my way out" he said, "oh, that's ok, I'm on my way out but I don't' mind going back and dropping it in the box"

If I hear one more person lament the "state of young people these days" I might just go off on them.

Not long ago I shared the story of a young college guy who knocked on our door to let us know the dome light in our car was on (because the door wasn't shut all the way) and recently, a bunch of kids were hanging out under my girl's bedroom window being very loud and when I pointed it out to them in a very kind manner and asked them if they wouldn't mind moving they were extremely sheepish and apologetic and didn't just move, they went back inside and were quiet the rest of the night even though I know they were having a party.

I don't care what anyone says, I'm hopeful. Also, let this be a reminder to you that random acts of kindness are powerful things and do not go unnoticed.

5 thoughts on “I don’t care what anyone says, the “youth of today” are generous, kind and purposeful

  1. BRAVO! I get so tired of people lamenting about “today’s youth” as if they are a monolithic entity of laziness and rebellion. I don’t know why so many think the upcoming younger generation is so much worse than they were at one time. Perhaps it’s a pride thing, like one of those “back in my day, no one had premarital sex, talked to their parents disrespectfully and we happily hiked two miles in the snow barefoot to get to school..” It’s nostalogic lies that make us feel better about ourselves. 🙂

  2. Speaking as one who is currently twenty five years old I think that is the danger of speaking in such broad general sweeping terms. I think part of the reason that the older generations tend to be so negative about those of us who are younger is because we are admittedly different and that tends to lead them and us to making thoughtless pejorative stereotypes.

  3. I’m 27 and I hear people my own age talking smack about the “younger generation.” I think people (of all ages) have always had the same potential to do great and amazing things and horribly destructive things–it’s present with all generations.

  4. “MISS, you dropped your sunglasses?” I haven’t gotten a “miss” for a loong time. Always “ma’am.” Huh.Love this post – I completely agree!

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