anniversary dress

I promised myself a new dress for our anniversary if I met my goal weight and this is what I got today. (it’s more fuchsia than in this pic)


This model is probably a size 0 but I was thrilled to fit into a 6. (down from a 10 just 2 months ago)

I think I’ll go with these shoes but I’ll have to see how they look




we’re going to get some lunch downtown, see Mary Poppins on stage at the Buell, enjoy the Denver downtown night life, stay overnight at a hotel downtown and get breakfast before coming home on Sunday. If David didn’t have rehearsal on Sunday we probably would have gone to the museum or something but I’ll have to settle for what I can get.

I’m very excited 🙂

2 thoughts on “anniversary dress

  1. Great dress! Check out the Snooze A.M. for your Sunday morning breakfast. There will be a wait to get in but it’s very worth it.

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