old people these days…


I have had some interesting encounters with the elderly lately. Not long ago, some old man literally sarcastically scolded me and a table full of my friends for being too loud in the bar area of a restaurant.

Today, as I was loading my groceries into my car, some old lady got grumpy with me in the parking lot and actually told me to take my shopping cart back into the store
I just kind of cocked my head and said "no" and walked away. She looked at me like she was shocked I had the gall to tell her no, as if she'd never been told no before.

She said "well I'll just have to do it then". I said "ok, that's fine, but they pay people to collect the carts, no one is making you do it, so don't get snippy at me if you want to be the cart collector". She stomped off in a huff pushing the cart back to the store.
She was like 4'11" and probably less than 100 pounds and very likely close to 80 which actually makes the whole thing more comical in my mind. I felt like saying "look you little bitch, unless you're my grandma you can't just tell me what to do" *shaking head* Old people these days.

She seemed to be on a car collecting mission or something. My guess is she just got some new old granny car and was paranoid about the carts but mine was securely smashed into the pole like a dozen other carts in the lot.
The ridiculous thing is, if she hadn't gotten all up in my space and been little granny bitchy pants about it I might have obliged her. But after that little display of old person disrespect…I think not. *harumph

3 thoughts on “old people these days…

  1. And did you tell her you were an Emergent following God in the way of Jesus? I’m sure she would have been most impressed.

  2. You crack me up. You said what I wish I would have said many times. Where do people (of any age) get off being so damn bossy? And then they act all offended when we don’t gratefully act on their unsolicited input. However, my favorite part of this post might be the boobs on the picture of the old woman.

  3. Do not EVEN get me started! I occasionally thought old people were cute until I worked at a nursing home, in the Alzheimers ward. That was the end for me. I’ve got all kinds of opinions about old people driving and their attitudes… Grr! In fact, I’m about to publish a post with similar sentiment.

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