only 2 more pounds!

It's hard to believe that since February I've lost almost 15 pounds and I'm only 2 pounds from my goal of 150 lb. (I'm 5'9"). I wasn't overweight when I started but didn't feel great. I was overeating, emotional eating and not eating very healthfully. I also wasn't consistent with my workouts.  Weight Watchers has been the trick for me after trying to just calorie count on my own. Since Feb. I have become vegetarian (something I have wanted to do for years), cut out most dairy, lost 13 pounds, cut out a lot of processed, high sugar and otherwise unnatural and unhealthy foods and workout almost daily. I feel so good. It's hard to believe how crappy I felt before. It's happened so gradually I've barely even noticed.

Most of my skin, anxiety/mood problems and digestive problems have disappeared (I did go on birth control for hormone problems not long ago and while I'm not keen on the unnatural hormones it has changed my life…seriously) and because I've done it gradually I don't really ever feel deprived. The first 3 weeks were pretty rough but since then I haven't been hungry or anything. My portions are more realistic, my foods are natural and mostly straight from the earth (lots of veggies, whole grains, healthy oils/fats, unprocessed sweeteners and fruit) and I can't imagine going back to the way it was before.

Don't get me wrong, I still bake and eat desserts/sweets and still have processed stuff and I splurge a couple times a month when I have my book club or go out but even my splurges are healthier and more "normal". I find if I overeat I actually get sick.

I'll just keep with it and see when I plateau. Right now, my goal is to be firm enough to feel comfortable on a public beach in a bikini (I'm shooting for my brother's wedding in San Diego for that goal – it's in July) so I'm focusing more on fitness right now. At my lowest adult weight I was 145 and that was right before college. I could see getting back to that weight but it's not necessarily my next goal. My first goal was to get back into a size 8 jean, I'm currently fitting into a 6 (pretty much, my hourglass shape makes trousers tricky).

The main thing I have learned through all of this is that letting myself get hungry and not turning to food when I'm upset or bored is tough at first but ultimately empowering. Feeling the full weight of hunger and satiating it with healthy whole foods without overeating has been so good for me – not just physically but spiritually/emotionally as well.

5 thoughts on “only 2 more pounds!

  1. That is so awesome, Makeesha! I’ve been quasi-transitioning to a mostly vegetarian diet, and I’ve been laying off the sweets and processed food so much that I feel sick if I eat a whole candy bar, which makes it easier to NOT over eat delicious things like Swiss Cake Rolls (my ultimate weakness!). Same as you, I don’t necessarily need to lose any more weight, but the lifestyle change feels SO good! I stepped out of the shower the other day and exclaimed “Oh my lord! My back hasn’t been this clear of acne in YEARS!” All these little baby steps I’ve made make a WORLD of difference now – I can’t imagine eating and living the way I used to!GOOD FOR YOU!!

  2. Good for you too Lauren! I saw a picture of you recently and noticed that you’ve lost a bit of weight over the past year or so (or whenever I last saw you in person). Nutty bars are a big weakness for me. I still eat them but I can only eat one of the 2 that come in the wrapper. It’s amazing how many veggies I’m eating lately. I can fill my drawer and by the end of the week it’s actually empty…as opposed to having to toss stuff because it’s gone bad. It’s actually kind of exciting to figure out how many different things I can make with asparagus or broccoli or whatever I have that week.

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