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This is so painful/uncomfortable for me to watch. I’ve been in that chair across from a male person of power using that same tone saying similar things (not on Larry King and not about my sexual orientation however). It brings all those feelings back to see someone treated that way. I appreciate how Knapp handled herself. She was gracious and assertive. The most important thing she said to that “pastor” was essentially – look buddy, you haven’t earned the right to sit in that seat and speak to me this way. Absolutely!

7 thoughts on “Jennifer Knapp.mp4

  1. Its funny, looking at Larry in the still image–pointing his finger, perhaps even midst wag–indeed she did handle herself with style and grace. Brava to Jennifer. I watched wondering why do we perpetuate this style of media that only looks to flair up one side against another? Larry’s formula works, but at what cost? So grateful for you and your voice in this.

  2. That was my feeling exactly Rachel – which is why I actually didn't watch the whole thing live, this is the only clip I saw. It was such a scheme to put that particular "cast" together (and don't be deceived, it was a cast) I think what was the most striking and substantive for me though, was that this really isn't about Jennifer being a lesbian, or that she is being mistreated because she's a lesbian…so so many people I have worked with over the past decade have had those same experiences with fellow "christians" and "pastors" (yes, I use quotation marks on purpose there) and have been so hurt, so wounded…all for a theological difference of opinion. The way she was treated by someone who sees himself as an "authority figure" in her life is the most despicable thing in this situation…and it would be just as despicable no matter the perceived sin. i.e. the problem here is the perception of authority in these types of christian circles.

  3. I thought the most infuriating part is when Jennifer directly asked the pastor about how he responds to the fact that there ARE different interpretations of those verses and he just ignored the question altogether and commented on how he’s just stating the “truth of God’s Word,” which is such a copout since people like Jennifer and her community believe their understanding is truth, too. He wouldn’t even acknowledge that other interpretations exist. I was getting so mad everytime he dodged her questions and requests for him to comment on that. What did you think of Ted’s part in it? I

  4. I was actually surprised how likeable and kind he was. He dodged quite a few questions and is obviously just back in the closet, but he was actually very gracious and supported Jennifer Knapp. I guess an embarrassing scandal can really humble a person.

  5. I thought that the most ironic part about the pastor guy was his quoting from John 8. The woman caught in sin, a portion of scripture that even Evangelical scholars agree wasn’t in the earliest manuscripts and is not reliable. So we’ve got a guy rigidly claiming the truth “God’s word” with words that weren’t originally there in “God’s Word”. And he’s such an expert that he can do this with a straight face </srcsm>. Nice.

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