creative things I would do if I had more space

I am fully aware that if it mattered enough to me, nothing would stop me from doing the things I want to do. HOWEVER, the thought of pulling out boxes and boxes of materials every single time I want to work on a project and putting them all back when I'm done prevents me from creating many things I want to create.

If I had a studio or at least a corner where I could leave everything out, here are some things I'd love to do:

  • book binding (I did a bit of this back when we were in a house and I had a studio)
  • weaving (haven't tried this yet but it looks cool to me)
  • silk screening, stamp making and handmade printing
  • altered books (something else I used to do when I had a studio)
  • multimedia collage and handmade paper crafts

As it is I'm lucky to do small printing and collage projects occasionally, never mind catching up on all my scrapbooking.

Ah well, maybe some day.

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