The $2 camisole: How cheap is ruining our lives – Consumerism

But I’m tired of throwing junk away. Tired of feeling like the expiration date on my clothes and toasters gets shorter and shorter every time I replace something. And while I know that spending $7,000 on a Viking range is a not-going-to-happen-in-my-lifetime experience, I’m sure I don’t want to spend $268 on one from Sears that I’ll have to throw out next year. Not everything needs to be a Buddhist-level lesson in the transience of life and the need for non-attachment, a cue for a “Goddammit, I just bought this!” This winter I purchased a mid-century steel tanker desk for about the cost of a new one from Staples. Everything on top of it is less than 5 years old. It’s dinged up and a little ugly. And someday, I’m giving it to my daughter.

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I share this writer’s angst and frustration.

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