new do’s

The girls got hair cuts today, we always usher in the new school year with a new hair cut. Somehow while we were at the salon the idea of brightly colored streaks came up and so while we were waiting for Aliyah's cut to finish, Shayel and I went next door to the RiteAid and bought fucshia hair dye. Now the girls have nice new cuts and rockin' pink streaks in their hair – they feel very cool right now and Shayel LOVES her bangs (her idea, I was reluctant but told her it was her choice, I think she made a good one)

After we got home, a friend from Shayel's second grade class called her and I snapped a picture of her on the phone…I think we'll see Shayel in that position often. It was hilarious to me how she immediately took the phone and went to my bedroom to sit between the bed and the wall with her feet up the wall and her back against the bed…it was somehow so typically "tween"

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