tabloids….that’s just not nice mom


In line at the grocery today, my sensitive precious little 8 year old with her new back to school hair cut and pink highlights noticed a tabloid. She was flipping through it and I watched her for a second before telling her to put it back because I was done paying. She looked up at me with a very confused, sad and concerned look on her face and said "I don't understand". While we walked out to the car, we had a conversation about a market driven economy, human greed, the golden rule and fame worship … all by talking about what tabloids are, why they exist and how society sustains them.

Several times she would say "but that's mean, why would someone do something so mean on purpose?" … a very difficult question to answer, especially with a huge lump in my throat and a pain in my heart.

By the time we got home (5 minutes later), she had worked out that she should make signs saying people should stop making tabloids. But then she decided it would be better to convince people to stop buying tabloids by saying "you wouldn't want someone to do it to you, don't do it to them". She said "maybe when I'm older". If she had shared this with David he probably would have turned the car around to go buy one of those stinky gigantor magic markers and poster board and staged a protest for tomorrow. But I'm the pragmatic one and not inclined to participate in protests of any kind for any reason so I did my best in encouraging her to speak out while also explaining the realities of the situation.

I was blown away by my 8 year old's ability to fully grasp the situation and get to the real heart of the matter…all without really judging anyone but instead assuming that if they just understood how much hurt they were causing, they would change.

Powerfully beautiful.

One thought on “tabloids….that’s just not nice mom

  1. My 8 year old son has taught me many a lesson that no fancy sermon can. Parenting is humbling, humiliating and just plain awesome. Thanks for sharing.

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