…on actors and kissing and stupid reporters


I very much like David Tennant as an actor and I hope Single Father does well. But what I cannot tolerate in this piece is the insipid question “what was it like kissing…” WHY do reporters ALWAYS ask this question?! One of these days I’m going to write a comprehensive piece on what it’s like being married to someone who often has in his job description to be in bed with or otherwise be intimate with other women. Just seeing that question in print makes me want to hurt someone. What’s worse is that I have yet to hear an intelligent or even clever response from an actor. Maybe something like *blank stare* “so what exactly are you asking?”

or “really? that’s the question you want to ask me right now? Are you sure you don’t want to consult your notebook? perhaps something better is buried in there somewhere”

or maybe “well, it’s sort of like swapping spit with a practical stranger in front of cameras and crew knowing that I get to later explain it to my wife and kids..otherwise it was delightful. What do you think it was like you dolt?”


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