ADHD: Who makes the diagnosis?


All of these heartaches are often so unnecessary. If everyone would just take a deep breath and think through things a bit more, the miscommunication and alienation parents and kiddos feel could be avoided. Communication between therapist and school is so important and so very simple.

Of course, the main issue here is the dx and treatment itself. One of the possible causes of ADD/ADHD behaviors in kids is sleep deprivation.…. There are many possibilities (not least of which is a horribly confining and overstimulating classroom) and so many different options for management/treatment. It’s unfortunate that so many kids are automatically saddled with an ADD/ADHD diagnosis and drug treatment. Especially because we all know those kids are often treated differently in classrooms…and not in a good way.

*disclaimer: I am not in any way suggesting that there aren’t kids who need and benefit from pharmaceutical therapy.

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