Can this ‘robot’ help save publishing? | Crave – CNET

Of course, those who argue that e-books are the real future, would suggest that the Espresso Book Machine, while impressively modern and forward thinking, is actually destined to become a relic before it has a chance to realize its potential. That said, for those looking for a more cost-effective alternative for printing and selling paper books–particularly the kind that only sell hundreds of copies–this “robot” may represent a much-needed lifeline.

As a bit of a relic myself – a designer who still longs for the days of xacto knives, rubber cement, real paper, light boards and negative scanners (but doesn’t miss having to use dozens of zip drives to store everything on and computers that had to be restarted every 20 minutes because they were so overloaded with software and data) – I wonder about the future of publishing and feel a bit sad that e-readers seem to be the future.

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