Fisher Fam. weekend fun

Sunday we went to my mother-in-law’s and spent quite a bit of time at the end of summer festival. Much of that time was spent playing in the creek building a dam with rocks. The girls had such a blast. It’s basically the same creek David played in when he was Shayel’s age which is cool to think about.


Shayel after crossing the creek


Aliyah peeking


Shayel after accidentally putting her butt in the water when she was squatting down to get a rock


well hey there handsome….


Ignore me unattractively squinting at something. Notice the water rushing around Aliyah’s ankles – we had rerouted that water with our dam and it was a lot deeper and faster there than when we started. Shayel spent a lot of time doing pushups on the dam lowering herself into the water lol.


I apparently thought David was zooming in on the kids for these lol. There’s Shayel again getting increasingly wet.

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