In defense of Kosher | Tony Jones

A funny, and telling, thought experiment at Reddit.  What if kosher Jews used the same reasoning that anti-gay Christians used?  Here’s the post, and click the link below to read the fantastic comments:

As a practicing jew, I believe that my fundamental right to freedom of religious expression is being violated. Right now, you can apply for a restaurant license and sell pork and shellfish in an eating establishment. Look, I’m not trying to force my beliefs on anyone. If they want to sin in the privacy of their own home, they’re welcome to, but the state should not be giving them a license to serve non-kosher items. My kids shouldn’t have to walk through the city and see establishments that promote the eating of unclean animals. The schools shouldn’t be teaching my kids that it’s “okay” to eat like a gentile. And what’s more, this is a slippery slope. If restaurants can be allowed to serve unclean food, it’s only a matter of time until known poisons are allowed. This is a fundamental question of our nation’s judeo-christian values. As Americans, I urge you to support a constitutional amendment that defines a restaurant as a kosher establishment.

via In defense of Kosher: A thought experiment. : politics.

HT: Austin Young


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