2010 Family photos in the aspens

This is our family tradition – to go up further into the mountains (about an hour drive up) and take family pictures surrounded by the amazing color of the aspens. Some years haven't worked out but for the most part, we've done it since Shayel was a baby. It's also a tradition to get a picture of David walking with the girls, it's always cool to see the growth from year to year.

Each year is a different adventure and we always have great stories/memories. One year it was so cold and snowed so miserably the best we could get were a few half-smiles in the snow. Last year we happened upon a hidden away run down cabin. This year, Shayel waded through the water (melted snow from the top of the Rockies mind you – very very cold) to get to a big boulder, then David carried Aliyah (very sexy) and then I set the timer on the camera and jumped from the shore to the boulder and got myself set in 10 seconds in order to get the pic of the whole fam. on the rock. Oh, and the whole time we were wanting to take "fall pictures", it was 85 degrees. 

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