Tougher than Nails – cynics beware, you might get your armor dented

Back story: If you’re not aware of the art controversy in Loveland, CO, you might want to read these first. You can also read an article about the results of Pastor Jonathan’s bourgeoning friendship with the artist.

I don’t listen to sermons anymore. I may again some day but 30+ years of listening to them and 10+ preaching them has burned me out. I also don’t really talk about Christianity anymore…for lots of reasons. Me and my family don’t go to church, we don’t even go to a “small group”. We’re ok with that. I’m not sure what it means for our future spirituality but right now, in this moment, we’re content. And I think God is big enough to handle it.

My parents are still passionately believing evangelical pentecostals (hi mom, hi dad). Still slightly “word of faith”. Still Republicans (probably tea party republicans now). If you know me at all it’s probably not necessary to point out that we tend to stick to the “don’t talk religion or politics at the dinner table” wisdom. My family and I are not shy with each other and can get very passionate. So when we do “go there”, it’s not meek and mild. My parents are very gracious in letting things go and not saying what is most likely really on their minds. I’m sure they pray a lot for me (and my eternal soul *smirk) but they generally don’t push things on me.

My dad sent an email to me me yesterday encouraging me to listen to this talk by a preacher at their church (the church I went to in college, where I met my husband and the church with whom I have very strong theological disagreements with now) and my immediate reaction was to ignore it – because frankly, I get tense and irritable when I listen to preachers of that ilk. But I figured I could give 30 minutes to my dad and he doesn’t often ask me to listen to sermons.

wait for it….

…I’m glad I did.

This is the way to live on this earth as ikons of Christ himself. We need more humble, loving actions like this, speaking proudly from the pulpits of this country’s evangelical churches – unconditional loving encounters like this are the only thing that will heal the hearts of those wounded by corrupted spirituality.

If you are cynical about Christianity – either as a Christian or a non-religious person – I encourage you to watch this. Resurrection fellowship is evangelical, extremely conservative politically, zionist, tongue-talking pentecostal and they are a mega-church. So keep that in mind. This is not a little emergent liberal pub church in some art district somewhere. I also want to commend Enrique Chagoya. After his experience in Loveland, he had every reason to be angry and bitter and never speak to another Christian ever again. God’s fingerprints are truly on us all and the light we share can bring us closer to love.

Go here for the message –  

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1.  Click on Media

2.  Click on Sermon Videos

3.  Click on “Jesus, Tougher Then Nails” video



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