No McMansions for Millennials – Yahoo! Real Estate

Here’s what Generation Y doesn’t want: formal living rooms, soaker bathtubs, dependence on a car.

In other words, they don’t want their parents’ homes.

Much of this week’s National Association of Home Builders conference has dwelled on the housing needs of an aging baby boomer population. But their children actually represent an even larger demographic. An estimated 80 million people comprise the category known as “Gen Y,” youth born roughly between 1980 and the early 2000s. The boomers, meanwhile, boast 76 million.

“One-third are willing to pay for the ability to walk,” Ms. Duggal said. “They don’t want to be in a cookie-cutter type of development. …The suburbs will need to evolve to be attractive to Gen Y.”

Outdoor space is important-but please, just a place to put the grill and have some friends over. Lawn-mowing not desired. Amenities such as fitness centers, game rooms and party rooms are important (“Is the room big enough to host a baby shower?” a millennial might think). “Outdoor fire pits,” suggested Tony Weremeichik of Canin Associates, an architecture firm in Orlando. “Consider designing outdoor spaces as if they were living rooms.”

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This is interesting – not surprising though. David and I aren’t technically young enough to be millenials (*ah-hem* I’m close though). But this definitely describes us…except for the tub, I NEED a bathtub. I think what is more facinating than this trend with millenials is how many younger boomers (people in the their early 40s and mid to late 30s like my husband and myself) fit this profile quite well too…even those of us with kids.

One thought on “No McMansions for Millennials – Yahoo! Real Estate

  1. I had the funniest conversation with a guy who just bought a house. We griped for about 15 minutes about having to mow the lawn. When we owned a house in Vermont I was devising ways to get rid of the lawn. I dug out huge sections for gardens which I filled with perennials from the old woman who volunteered at the art gallery where I used to work. Basically every tough place to hit with the riding mower became a flower bed. I also tilled up a huge garden in the back yard and didn’t even plant stuff in all of it. I just covered part of it with leaves and left it. So yeah, lawns kind of suck. I never did get around to putting in a fire pit in that yard…

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