Oh, so that’s where “they” come from…

Many if not most of the problems with marriages is that people refuse to look at the differences between how God created us. Society has tried to make us all look like we are the same even trying to negate the physical differences. That is one of the reasons for the increase in homosexual confusion. Children are told that it is OK to have same sex attractions even though it is clearly against nature.

Sadly, this was posted on facebook by a family member – in response to a comment I made about how men and women are not as easily "defined" as many people (especially Christians) like to assert. This is one of those comments that, had it been in person, I would have just stood there with a stupefied look on my face…it's almost hard to even be upset by this it's so exasperatingly asinine. Where does one even start?

Sadly, this is how most of my family thinks. It's probably a good thing I don't go to family reunions. I never thought I'd be "that kid"…but alas…I guess in all fairness, if they had a blog, my parents would be blogging their exasperation about me and marveling that they never thought I'd be "that kid".

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