fantasy, reality and happiness

Good-looking men always cheat. They cheat on you while they are at the peak of their powers, because other women will throw themselves at them. And they will cheat on you when their hair recedes and they need Botox, because they need the affirmation that they have not lost their looks.

You cannot win with good-looking men.

They misplace your tweezers.  They were treated as little gods by their mothers and, therefore, cannot change a fuse or a duvet cover.

No intelligent, funny, helpful-in-the-kitchen man ever looks like David Beckham.

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This whole article is a bit silly but this last section is really interesting given conversations I’ve had lately with my husband and a few women. For some reason this topic keeps popping up. Yesterday, I was talking with my co-worker about how “real people” do not typically end up “settling down with” their fantasy characters. The men we like to look at are not the men we want to father our children – which is not to say that we don’t like to look at the father of our children of course.

I can also speak from experience that good looking men at their peak ARE a pain in the ass and they DO actually have women throwing themselves at them which is not as fun as it sounds.

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