as time goes by

My oldest daughter turns 9 in April. I find this shocking (how could I possibly have a 9 year old!?) but I'm really enjoying this age. I'm planning to milk it dry since the tween years are going to sneak up fast. She has already given us a peak at what our lives will look like for the next 8 or so years. She is in jump roping club and loving it and recently signed up for chess club. She has her own ipod with her own favorite music and is talking often of how much she needs a cell phone. She likes wearing her new jeans with some stylish top she picked out the night before and feeling "grown-uppy". We have wonderful conversations about friends and boys and religion and school.  

This period of time when my youngest is a little girl (no longer a toddler/preschooler) and my oldest is not yet an obnoxious tween are precious to me. The trick is being present and awake through it all, soaking it all in and allowing it to wash over me and seep into my soul.

One thought on “as time goes by

  1. You are very wise to treasure these moments. And from experience I can tell you that the teens go even faster, although your worries are much more significant. My son is 20 now and I cannot believe how fast those twenty years went, the last five faster than the speed of light.Cate

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