Marianne Williamson: Feminine 2.0

Hell yes, women need to be out in the world if that’s
where we feel led to be, but not at the expense of
our spiritual mission. Rather, we’re in the world to
fulfill that mission, by proclaiming that the world is our
home and that we’re responsible for all of its children.

And that would change the world.

Just as we wouldn’t tolerate elements to enter our
home that needlessly endanger our own children,
so we shouldn’t tolerate elements in the world that
needlessly endanger anyone’s children. Homemaker
and motherhood are not just material conditions that
belong to a few; they are states of consciousness that
belong to any woman who assumes them. Women
should be the keepers of the conscience of the world.
We are keepers of the internal flame — the light of
humanitarian values and the primacy of love — and
our greatest power lies in keeping it lit.

Corporate profits should not be our economic
bottom line; the safety and welfare of this planet, our
collective habitat, should be our bottom line. On this,
we should insist. For we are the homemakers of the

Money should not be our societal bottom line; the
welfare of our children should be our bottom line. On
this, we should insist. For we are the mothers of the

Any mother, should she see something dangerous
in her home, would say, “No, not in this house! No
way! Not here!” And as women of the world become
the strong moral force that in our collective state we
are capable of being, then when dangerous elements
born of unrestrained greed and aggression enter the
world, it is we who should lead the cry, “No, not on
this planet! No way! Not here.”

A common anthropological characteristic of every
advanced mammalian species that survives and
thrives is the fierce behavior of the adult female of
the species when she senses a threat to her cubs.
From the lioness to the tigress to the mama bear, any
threat to her cubs is met with the fiercest response.
The adult female hyenas even encircle their cubs
while they’re feeding, not letting the adult males get
anywhere near the food until the babies have been

Surely the women of America could do better than the

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I think this is really good.

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