100 days

I started a 100-day health and fitness challenge this week. It involves strength training, cardio, nutrition and emotional well being components. My goal is to push myself harder to get to the next level. When I first really kicked myself in the ass last year and lost 15 pounds to get back to the weight I wanted to be, it wasn't a piece of cake but it was pretty easy to see results because I was so out of shape. Now, I'm pretty fit but still not where I want to be and the changes are much smaller which is kind of discouraging sometimes, but it forces me to remind myself every day that this is about health (yes, I know, it's horribly cliche but true) – this is about being able to move with ease and grace and have energy in 10, 20, 30 years. Yes, I want to be a little less jiggly in a bikini when we go on our vacation this August but that's only a small part of it. So, here I go. I don't really have any measurable goals at the end of the 100 days because I'm not sure what is realistic at this point – so I'm shooting for getting in my daily and weekly goals and seeing what happens.

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