Nigella Lawson is right. Baking is a feminist act | Lagusta Yearwood | Comment is free |

But feminism was never supposed to be about just making women more like men. In my view, mainstream feminism has lost focus in the past 20 years or so because of its tunnel vision for the Hillary Clinton route as the only path to liberation.

I want to see a society in which not only can women attain positions of power in government and business based solely on their qualifications, but, more than that, I want a society in which child-rearing and baking and laundry and cleaning and cooking – not cheffy restaurant cooking, but everyday dinner-on-the-table cooking – are seen as equally important contributions to a balanced society.

All these silly gender-assigned qualities have just got to go, don’t you think? They’re so tiresome, after all. Straight men are, it seems to me, increasingly fed up with holding up their end of the deal, and would be relieved to be able to cry in public and take care of the house while their female partners work on their career for a while without worrying if they will look soft to their friends.

The great gift feminism can give to the mainstream world is precisely this: that the qualities we associate almost exclusively with women will, if allowed to flourish and given adequate respect, vastly improve society across all levels.

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This is a great article. I still hate baking, cooking, cleaning and … sometimes….child rearing 😉 But I absolutely agree that a feminism which makes “women more like men” is skewed and not something I want to be a part of.

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