How to Land Your Kid in Therapy – Magazine – The Atlantic


This is SOOOOOO good. I highly recommend this if you are a parent and/or an adult early 30’s and younger.

Some of what I’ve learned from this and other articles about parenting (and about my own life as well if I think of myself as “the child”)….

1. let your kids make age-appropriate decisions and experience the full weight of the consequences of those decisions

2. do not become codependent/enmeshed with your child

3. do not overly praise your child or send the message that he/she is better than everyone else just by virtue of who they are

4. let your child work out his/her own conflict

5. let your child experience sadness, pain and loss

6. do not offer limitless options … or even choices in all situations

7. happiness for parent and child is only good as a product of a life well-lived, not as a goal in itself

I am most concerned about the narcissism problem. I see it rampant in people my age and it seems to be getting worse in their kids.

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