10 hours in the life of a mom home with a sick kid

Wake up at 3am to hysterical crying
Think one of my children is being slowly consumed by a large venomous tropical snake
Realize it's my 6 year old trying to throw up insisting she can't breathe
Roll over, turn up my ipod and try to convince my husband that I'm still sleeping in the hopes that he'll soothe said child
Repeat at 5 and 6:30am but drag my own ass out of bed this time

Get up for good

Get breakfast for 9 year old
See husband and 9 year old off for the day

Between bouts of 6 year old puking and reassuring her that she won't die I
…drink coffee
learn about water kefir
discover a pattern for a 1.5 foot tall stuffed knitted owl
blog about said stuffed owl
start a puzzle with sick child
browse tshirt designs online
eat oatmeal
wash my face
watch Martha Speaks with sick child
send 5 emails
read facebook statuses
watch Shake it Up and Good Luck Charlie with sick child
think about work
find a great diy project
forget about work
get dressed
finish puzzle
eat toast
read a little
knit a little
drink coffee
read facebook statuses
think about lunch
clean up the house a little
forget about lunch
yell at the cat

….what a productive 10 hours of awake time. I'm very proud. *rolling eyes.

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