A Companion To The Doctor’s Companions: Rory Williams

And yet, as the series has progressed, and he gets over his jealousy of the Doctor and starts dying a few times, what we’re seeing more and more is the Rory that provides the moral core to the Doctor’s hyperenergised flip-floppery. Once we got past silly Rory, all of the different versions of him that appear – Roman Rory, Army Rory – come from the same line of gritty, committed men, who take no nonsense and do their duty.

In this sense Rory is the voice of everyone who hides behind the sofa when the monsters arrive. He’s the guy who can see what trouble they are in, what rules they are breaking and conveys that to the Doctor on our behalf. And as such, he’s the only person qualified to tell the Doctor when he’s in the wrong.

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Here’s my nerdy fangirl coming out. I have really enjoyed Rory as a character in this iteration of Dr. Who. His arc has been so fun to watch. I love that Rory isn’t awestruck by The Doctor. He’s loyal and sincere first and foremost to Amy and then to humanity at large, and he’s willing to tell The Doctor what’s what. It appeared at first that Rory was going to be this love struck silly little boy just happy to have a girlfriend but the writers really made him grow into his own man and I love it.

I listened to the Nerdist podcast featuring Matt and Karen at Comicon and while it was fun, I really wanted to hear Arthur Darvill talk a bit about his experience playing Rory.

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