My kids are awesome, a retrospective

I was trying to remember something funny Aliyah had said and I realized that facebook is not a good place to put those kinds of things. Usually I try to blog them but keep forgetting. So while I was trying to find this particular funny thing, I copied and pasted a bunch of others. Here they are, for posterity (and ease of searching) – in order of those most recent.

  March 2012


  •  My girls are in the beginning stages of planning their own magazine. They’re doing an idea map right now.

  • When we passed 2 older gentlemen in a convertible today, Shayel said, “Old people in sport cars are funny, it’s like they’re pretending to be teenagers.” Aliyah responded, “Yeah, they’re adorable.” *spit-take”

  • The commercial Shayel made up walking home from the Redbox. “After years of being eaten, they planned their revenge. Meet, the spicy sweet potato fries. <insert maniacal drum beat> They bite back.”

  • I think it’s just so fantastic that my oldest texted me throughout the day today. She started out by telling me she got 100 on her bop it, to demonstrate how awesome that is, my high score is 39.

  • “You know, farkles, the things all over mom’s body.” – Aliyah

  • My 6 year old last night told us she wants to give her tooth fairy money and some of what her nanna gave her to the food bank to help people who don’t have enough food.”

  • SO FREAKING PROUD of my fantastically amazing bad-ass dancer. Shayel is still recovering from a 24 hour stomach bug, looks like death warmed over and feels about the same and she toughed out an hour dance rehearsal for the Jungle Book. I know men who are more pansy than that.

  • Thanks to a playdate for Aliyah at her friend’s house, Shayel and I got a date for 2.5 hours. I know it’s kind of sickening how many times I say this but that kid is so frickin awesome. Some day she might make me crazy so I’m sucking the marrow out of every wonderfully blissful experience with her now.

  • ‎”I’m crying on the inside of my brain. Oh no, my head is filling up with water.” Aliyah

  • “Mom, I’m going to go outside and look at the moon, it gives me a peaceful feeling.” ~Shayel.”

  August 2011


  • My 6 year old just informed me that she was born on Mars and her parents died in a war so she was taken to an adoption center where they put her in my uterus so we could be her parents. This explains why sometimes she doesn’t feel like she’s the same as other people. I’m not sure how to feel about this revelation that I was impregnated with someone else’s martian spawn

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