milk eh?

Ugh. Just saw an ad for dairy – I hate it when they say _out of_ Canadians aren't getting enough milk products. Um. No. Hardly. I don't especially care if people consume dairy but I don't like misinformation and what basically equates to propaganda.

2 thoughts on “milk eh?

  1. I hear this a lot in my nutrition classes/textbooks. After hearing about how many people are lactose intolerant! I mean, staggering amounts of non-white people (and some whites as well) cannot digest milk. The recommendation is not to get calcium from other sources (leafy greens, sesame seeds, figs, almonds, fortified soy milk, oranges, etc. etc.) but to drink lactose free milk or take pills to help digest it. Funny that the ADA is also sponsored by the dairy industry. Anyway, that’s my rant. No one needs to be drinking milk past weaning, besides.

  2. Absolutely Angela. It’s just dishonest too – and totally inappropriate for government health services to pander to the dairy industry. What they MEAN to say is that people are often deficient in certain minerals and vitamins. Minerals and vitamins that are found in many food sources including dairy.

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