My 7 year old processes Remembrance Day

My 7-year-old asked me yesterday (the day after Remembrance Day here in Canada) whether or not people who die in war are buried with clothes on, which led to a discussion about the whole post-death burial process for people in general. Sometimes parenting is very surreal.ย She proceeded to process her Remembrance Day experience by drawing a military cemetery complete with crosses and poppies. Another question she had was what they do if a person’s body is “broken into bits”. Heavy stuff for a Monday off. I’m quite relieved she didn’t draw this at school.

As you can see in her picture here, she included underground views of the bodies that were buried. Shown are a decapitated female pilot named Lola (notice the plane with her name on it) who died when a bomb hit her plane, and a male Army soldier (communicated by the army uniform on his grave) named Nikolas who bled out from a gunshot wound to his shoulder, as evidenced by the gun on the grave and the wound on his shoulder. It’s quite morbid but she was very matter of fact about telling us about it. I was wondering when/how her silence about the whole thing would result in some kind of external processing.

After drawing this she meditated for about 10 minutes alone in her bedroom. I talked with her a bit about what she was feeling when she was drawing and what she thinks about it all. She seemed pretty tuned in and aware of her own feelings and clearly had giving it quite a bit of thought.

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