I have an amazing 10-year-old


Shayel continues to rock my socks off.

  • She just finished a season of volleyball. She plays alto saxophone in band and takes her recess time to practice with the choir.
  • She started a novel and is about 2,000 words in.
  • In October, she led a poster campaign to remind students not to feed the seagulls at recess. The posters her team made are still hanging all over the school and I’m reminded of how proud I am every time I see them.
  • Last month, she watched a TED talk about how to save paper towels after you wash your hands by shaking the water off them 12 times. She was so inspired that she wrote a letter to the principal about it suggesting that it be communicated somehow to the school. In January, she will be presenting the demonstration at an all-school assembly.
  • This month she took charge of the games for her class winter party, which involved in part, creating an original board game. She put the list of all the activities and rules for everything on an illustrated slide presentation that she made herself to put on the class smart board.

And all the while, she continues to amaze me with the things that come out of her mouth.

  • “You deserve to be loved….by someone else.” Another zinger courtesy of Shayel
  • I was preparing to go on a field trip with Shayel’s class, wearing my skin tight winter underclothes and she said “that would be a perfect outfit for a party – a party of inappropriateness.”
  • “Since Justin Beiber has a song called ‘Never Say Never’, his next one should be ‘I Hate it When People Say Hate'” (complete with dance moves) – Shayel.
  • “We don’t have a beautiful city… because you just ruined it.”
  • I was looking for something online and she was looking over my shoulder and said, “Because so much these days is photoshopped or fake, nothing is really funny or interesting to me unless it’s real. I don’t like how so much is fake.”
  • “We noticed that because you work so much now, when you have free time you have to use it to clean and stuff which isn’t very fun or fair because we have a lot more free time than you so we have a plan for cleaning a little bit every day, we have it all worked out” – Shayel and Aliyah.
  • I’m so excited to see what an amazing woman this little girl becomes. SHINE ON MY SUNSHINE!

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