Our little academic


Aliyah (7) is becoming a really incredible little academic. One of her favourite things to do when her best friend isn’t available to play at recess is sit by a tree and think. She has communicated a desire to be an evolutionary biologist and has come up with ways to celebrate Darwin Day. She is an excellent speller but prefers science subjects to english ones. She LOVES to learn. She enjoys puzzles, inventing things, playing  learning games and videos online and gets a thrill from telling us something she’s learned that we didn’t know before. She is also obsessed with animals of all kinds but especially canines (wolves, dogs, coyotes – she loves them all). Zoologist or Veterinarian are her secondary career choices at this time. I’m so excited to see what she ends up getting into as she gets older. When Shay’el is on the court shooting hoops or on stage performing in a play, we will probably find Aliyah in the lab, the library or very likely sitting under her favourite tree pondering the universe.

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